Monday, October 22, 2012

Back on Track

Silence has been golden - productive gold!

'Pressure Drop' is out via DriveThru - a solo for $1 !!

See the Halloween 'Elder Tunnels' to find out the next releases - both November and December are slated for new releases.

Trollzine #6 is due out any day and I think will feature a GM adventure 'Ice Exile' by yours truly plus a little piece of frivolity entitled 'The Pen vs the Broadsword'.

Lots of greatness from others since I last posted her - Ken's 'Seven Challenges of Khartejan', Roy Cram's 'When Good Games Go Bad', a revamped 'Sideshow' from Andy Holmes. 'Awesomesauce' from Mist-Tikk and 'World of Beans' from Jeff Freels.

The Golden Age!

And here is Perry's lament from Zhanh's grave up river from Khazan, nowhere near Castle Greybat:

'Shadows grow as death draws near
Hating voices shrill with fear
Men hate elves and elves hate men
Hurt not if
But simply when
Blade and club breaking bone
Naught but blood doth atone
Savage world where life is cheap
The only haven found is sleep
Life where none appear as friend
May ne’er mine eyes open again
The strings of soul have thus been cut
My heart to love now ever shut.'