Saturday, December 31, 2016

Old D&D Modules

Courtesy of the internet, we have been playing these two:

 - The Curse of Menstaugher Manor by Christianmichael Dutton

 - The Palace of the Silver Princess by Jean Wells and Tom Molaby

The first we are running with 5th Edition D&D rules, the second using 7.5 T&T rules. Both are good value and its is nice that we are getting close to finishing the Silver Princess given that i hwas told Jean Wells has just died - a little tribute, well deserved I'm sure. The Palace adventure has been amended to suit our T&T universe while the Manor is settled on an obscure tentacle of the Kraken continent where we have agreed magic works differently ie D&D magic.

Anyway, all jumping and jiving in a very satisfying fashion.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Pushing Further Into The Unknown

Spirov is still with us! He has negotiated his way past three further encounters and now has a fantastic weapon that is not only enchanted for normal purposes but is especially useful down here. I won't give the game away beyond saying that!

At every encounter there are a number of set options:

  1. Evade
  2. Flee
  3. Missile attack
  4. Use magic
  5. Fight
  6. Hide
  7. Attempt a bribe
  8. Attempt to parley
Sometimes one or more of these choices is clearly inappropriate but you still get the chance to test it out :)

Spirov favours his crossbow if parleying does not look hopeful but he's quite prepared to try to dodge past a monster or guardian if they don't look too sprightly.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Exploring the Caves

Although  have only written 16 of the 45 'parts' to this (well, setting up all the mechanical bits took time as you always have the option to evade, flee, fire a missile, cast a spell, charge into battle, hide, bribe or parley), I've done a little playtesting.

I figured a L4 warrior might have a sporting chance with STR 40. Spirov missed with his crossbow at the first encounter and then choose to leg it to safety but at the second time of asking he slew 2 guard-monsters. Go Spirov!

After writing 2 more 'caves' I shall goad him into going deeper into danger...

Friday, December 23, 2016

Caves of Nerja

Here is the cover for the solo I'm currently working on (more later):

Thursday, December 22, 2016

I Think Its Time to Go to Caerthaeph't

What a great city it is - well, for the criminally inclined anyway. Not a great place to leave your vehicle unattended. The solo, "joy Ride", is bound for DriveThruRPG Deal of the Day.

Here are the covers: