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Spells for other kindreds - I have in mind that. to be consisitent, with the L7 rogues rule, other kindreds should only begin to be able to learn Guild spells at L7 - they would need to be L8 for L2 spells, L9 for L3, ecx. Humans would need to be L7 to learn other kindreds' spells and would need to make a L7 INT SR for each spell - a one off chance, no repeat rolls - if you fail when you attempt it, you just don't have the mindset. I'd go further and say no more spells of that kindred can be learnt.

Tunnels & Trolls 5.5 and 7.5 Rulebook Comparison

5.5 Rules
7.5 Rules
Saving Rolls (SR)

Automatic fumble (AF)
 3 or 4
Chance of failure halved to 1 in 18 (5.5%) – add in the ability to add your level number into a non-AF failed SR and you’re on easy street!
Able to add level number into SR which would otherwise be missed (excluding AFs)?
Yes - level should, I think, only be added to an attribute SR where the attribute is one of the four key attributes for the class
You need to assume divine intervention really to justify a character with a high INT or CHR, for example, hitting a small target at long range - which they may well now do since level is based on their highest key attribute

Adventure Points (Aps)

Retain or Expend?

Tallied by GM or Player?
Nice for the GM!
APs used to increase attributes?
Yes – increase attribute of choice – need APs = 10 times current attribute value
Characters keep making steps forward – there’s no big fireworks moment last Sunday of the month
APs used to increase level?
No – level rises based on highest attribute relevant to class when character reaches next multiple of ten eg STR = 30, level = 3 for warriors


How many attributes are there and what are they?
SP came in pretty early anyway and many people brought in WIZ in some form rather than use STR to power spells
Which attributes count towards combat total?
Think of SP as reflexes not sprinting
TARO (triples add and roll over)
No mention of triples rolling over and adding on character creation
TARO clearly stated
Can make for some amazing new elves, dwarves, fairies, etc

Level Bonuses

New spell for wizards at new level?
No – all spells must be bought
Now wizards really need to find easily transportable treasure (or a mate who enjoys teaching…)
Extra weapon dice for warriors?
Yes – a warrior adds his level into his comabt total
I prefer the idea that any weapon gains one extra dice per level over one eg Level 2 warrior gets 4d6 for bludgeonLess need to scatter mega-axes, etc throughout the dungeon
Ability to add level number to missed SRs
Yes - see above

Can players increase any attribute in the same way?
No – some increase by ½ the level number, others by the level number and LK by twice the level number
Yes – it’s just as easy to increase INT or DEX as LK


Do characters have talents?
Yes – talents are based on a key attribute and when that talent is used the value of the talent (1d6) when character is created) is added to the attribute for SR purposes

Can talents be freely chosen?
Yes but the broader they are the less likely the GM is to accept anything other than a high SR level; talents do not increase combat rolls
This is an easy way of adding depth to characters


What modifiers apply?
We’ll just cover the changes
Dwarves – now it’s LK 2/3 rather than CHR; Elves – it’s LK 3/2 instead of DEX and WIZ is x 2; Fairies – LK and DEX are x 2 not 3/2 and WIZ is also x 2; Hobb(it)s – LK now 3/2 not x 1
I’d gone that way with dwarves (LK)
What about humans?
Very ordinary (disadvantaged!)
No change
I like the idea that only humans can join Guilds – eg only human warriors get double armour protection, only human wizards get all the L1 spells (maybe a suitable selection for other kindreds)
How about rounding?
Always round down (thanks Liz!)
The player gets the benefit – round up J

How about SP modifiers?
All at 1
All at 1
Given that SP is about reaction time, my view is that there should be some kindreds/creatures with modifiers greater or lesser than 1


Can wizards automatically cast spells?
No – they must make an INT SR at the spell level or it fails
Annoying to have just bought that Hidey Hole spell and not roll the 10 you need to cast it!
Do wizards get all first level spells?
Yes – and there are a lot more!
You need to study those spells to be effective
What are the attribute requirements to cast a spell?
INT 10, DEX 8, the former increasing by 2 each level, the latter by 1
INT 10, DEX 10, both increasing by 2 each level
Still, it’s much easier to up those stats in the early days
What does a wizard need to cast a spell?


Can wizards use any weapon?
No – they are limited to 2 dice weapons
Yes- but they get no personal adds when using weapons with more than 2 dice


Can fights end in stalemate?
Not if you bring tiredness into play
No because of the spite damage rule – each 6 rolled equates to one point of bodily harm done, even by the losing side; 6s only add into a winning combat score if the fight was close e.g. you win by 2 (after taking armour into the reckoning) and roll 3 sixes and you do 3 points of damage not 2; your combat total indicates 3 points of bodily harm – well, that was the 3 spite points
A weakened champion could die at the hands of a small foe he is in the process of crushing…
What about Monster Ratings?
A MR of 250 gets the creature 26 d6 plus 125; as it takes harm both the d6 and the adds go down
Same starting point but as damage is taken, only the adds decrease e.g. after 50 hits, the creature still gets 26 d6 but only 100 adds
More than a little tougher but you get used to it!
Can wizards spell-whack anyone?
Yes – those TTYFs sailed through the air unchecked
Not necessarily – try casting the TTYF on a foe with a higher WIZ rating and you get a bad feeling – the spell will not work (as a rule of thumb 1/10 MR gives you a monster’s WIZ)
I gave anyone with attributes a PWR (my version of WIZ) SR – of they rolled a higher level than the caster, the spell failed


Are particular attributes key to particular classes?
Only with regard to magic since there is an INT and DEX minimum requirement
All classes have 4 key attributes upon one of which they may base their talent
It is odd, perhaps, that CON is not a key attribute to warriors (the 4 that make up combat adds are the 4 for warriors); rogues base their roguery talent on INT, LK and CHR but their four key attributes are listed as WIZ, INT, LK and DEX


What advantages do rogues have?
None really!
They get a roguery talent based on the highest of INT, LK and CHR, rolling 1d6 when created and having this to add to the chosen attribute when using their roguery talent; they get one Level 1 spell on creation
Some think roguery should just add to SRs for one (chosen) attribute
What restrictions do rogues suffer relating to magic?
All spells must be cast at the full cost and they cannot learn spells higher than the 7th level; the Wizards’ Guild will not sell spells to rogues
As left but they are not limited to Level 1-7 spells


What options are there?
Just warrior-wizards – if you happen to roll no less than12 for each of the 6 attributes
There are paragons instead of warrior-wizards, rangers, leaders and specialist mages (there are also citizens – not actually specialists and often non-player characters)
There are not (yet) any extra bonuses to specialists as they gain levels beyond spells, extra weapons dice and/or more to add into failed SRs
So how do you get a specialist?
As above, all rolls 12 or better
Paragon – all 8 rolls 12 or better; Ranger – roll triples on DEX, roll again and add with the total being at least 15; Leader – roll triples on CHR, roll again and add with the total being at least 15; Specialist Mages – roll triples on WIZ, roll again and add with the total being at least 15; anyone can be a citizen

What can a specialist mage do?
There are four schools of magic: Conjuring, Cosmic, Combat and Metabolic – all the spells in the Spell Book belong to one of these 4 schools; the specialist chooses one school and can never learn spells from another school – instead the mage automatically knows all the new level spells as he or she gains a level and the cost is half what an ordinary wizard would expend
Pretty neat without getting too close to D&D

Conversion of 5.5 to 7.5 or vice versa

First glance possibilities:- 1) just take the highest relevant attribute of the 5.5 character and calculate the 7.5 level, even if it means dropping levels; 2) add to a key attribute until  it is high enough to bring character to it’s 5.5 level under 7.5; 3) treat character as being at it’s current 5.5 level even if it would be lower under 7.5 (magic twist of fate?); 4) try to un wind 5.5 level gains on attributes, determine approximately how many points would have been gained under 7.5 rules and then spend up big time and live with the result

Always was easy to learn and fun & fast to play
More rules but not that many if you are starting from scratch – just as fast, furious and funny

Elven, Dwarven, Fairy and Hobb(it) Spells

Heard It Through The Grapevine
Enables caster to talk to trees
Touch/1 turn/Yes/10

Root Of The Problem
Makes INT SRs 1d6 levels lower
20’/1 turn/Yes/12

Barking Mad
Causes target to howl manically, unable to attack or flee
50’/1 combat round/Yes/12

Sap Rising
Boosts CON of caster by 1d6
Touch/1d6 turns/Yes/15

Branching Out
Allows caster to gain sympathy of target if LK and CHR exceed target’s LK and CHR or MR
30’/1 turn/Yes/11

Out Of The Woods
Enables caster to escape from traps with a LK SR at 1d6 level
10’/1 combat round/No/18

Hammer Blow
Enchants blunt weapon to shatter metal, stone and other brittle solids
Touch/I combat turn/No/8

Enchants blunt weapon to crush stone, metal, wood and other solids to powder or fragments
Touch/I combat turn/No/8

Erects stone wall in front of caster up to twice casters height and three times arm span, taking 6d6 hits
20’/I turn/Yes/10

Rock On
Enables caster or other being to keep going under extreme conditions – doesn’t restore CON but SRs are based on full attributes not reduced ones
Touch/I hour/Yes/15

Boulderly Go
Enables caster to hurl a boulder unerringly at a target – generates STR x level hits
50’/I combat round/No/12

Can You Dig It?
Caster is able to dig out a tunnel through earth or rock with bare hands – tunnel is 50’ per level
Touch/5 minutes/Yes/15

Fair Enough
Causes target to accept caster’s word as true if INT, LK and CHR are greater than target
20’/1 turn/Yes/16

Twinkle Toes
Doubles caster’s DEX and SP
Touch/1 combat turn/Yes/18

Fair Thee Well
Allows caster to bestow blessing for one day on another being – all attributes increase by 2d6 for day
Touch/1 day/Yes/24

Forms a protective grotto around the caster which cannot be seen into and which cannot be penetrated physically – magic 3 levels higher can affect the grotto; big enough for 4 fairies
20’/1 day/Yes/24

Doubles size of caster’s feet making them a 3d6 weapon each
Touch/1 combat turn/Yes/6

Conjures small cake which if eaten trebles caster or another being’s CON
Touch/2 combat turns/Yes/10

Allows caster or another being to carry 100 times normal weight
Touch/2 turns/Yes/7

Deadly Dare
If caster accepts a challenge, this spell doubles caster’s LK
Touch/1 hour/Yes/12