Friday, June 26, 2015

Fairies v Trolls

Our "Journey to Centre of the Earth' game continued on its merry way yesterday.

I had a very busy week so I had given the resumption of this campaign very little thought - last time I had fuelled Felix's wish to kill the other pcs by giving him about a dozen clans of fire imps (he got them all killed, of course).

I had in mind to give him a robot - slow but almost impregnable - and to throw in three competing groups of rock-fairies. As it happened, he wanted to have another crack with my last hand-out, changing the imps for trolls - in clans of 38, MR 70 each troll, with a chieftan with MR 140 and a shaman. There were six clans.

Thinking as fast as my saturated brain could mange, I decided the fairy groups went on an annual troll hunt; I invented a system of troll-shaman magic centred on hedge-spells and WIZ dependent on how many murders the shamen had committed, represented by a belt of bones.

We ended with on troll clan exterminated, bar the chieftan who had been hit early on with an extreme 'bad stomach' spell, two pcs captured by a group of fairies, a sentient horse pc set on fire, another pc's ear-stud-activated wolf brained by a troll-bludgeon spell, the rest of the pcs 'recruited' by a second group of fairies and Felix having gathered the other five troll clans together to resurrect, 'Metal Head', a robot fashioned by the bird-serpent wizard-god Zweetz, which had been buried bar the head by the trolls at a Feli-beast feast.

The faires had arrows which did not kill but had a particular effect - floating, lead-feet, weeping, manic laughing, flame-breathing (the horse set itself on fire when floating and laughing hysterically) - determined by the roll of 2d6, which I had to record as we went along as I had nothing prescribed in advance.

Anyhow, a satisfyingly crazy game, with plenty set up for next time and neither the L13 wizard nor the mega-accurate-with-a-crossbow-doing 150+ per shot-warrior dominated.

And I got to kill the wolf and the horse (well, Felix killed the wolf, his first pc kill for a long time).

Sunday, June 14, 2015


Here is the map for last weeks Dragonlands game. Each player took the part of a dragon inside an egg. One way or another, they all emerged fully grown on an island and found they were telepathically connected to other dragons.
No dragons fought but some 'coerced' others. Few dragons bothered flying because most could swim and they all discovered they were Wish-dragons the bigger the wish, the harder the saving roll but teleportation was no big deal.
After minor skirmishing - they destroyed a fishing boat, drove pirates on to an island and ate an orca - they forged an alliance with Lord Arrowheart, owner of the biggest treasury in these parts (dragons measure gold by the Claw), they gained special abilities by virtue of this co-ownership of a sufficient quantity of gold. Then, when the Dragonman aarmy came from over the Snowy Mountains, the dragons led Lord Arrowheart's four regiments into battle and routed the enemy, avoiding slavery and becoming fully-fledged Wish-Dragons evaluating and granting the wishes of other dragons in service of the great dragon god, Hormuz.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Two PCs from the Much-Loved "Transport the Cannonballs" Game

Meaty Mutt is still going strong, currently adventuring his way to the centre of Trollworld with his mate Wedges and his pocketful of dynamite. The Stiltman died on a barge in a melee with slaves - he should never have been in danger but another player's dwarf proved more bloodthirsty than would have been wise.

Monday, June 8, 2015

More Action from the NZ Mind Games (2nd Weekend)

 Critically fumbling again (but the t-shirt's cool)

 Darcy's dragon is cooler though

Those who saw it out to the bitter end (the wish dragons won the day)

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Extempore Drama Gaming

Here is one of the current random creations we are gaming with at the moment:

(one player is controlling the creatures and wishes to destroy all the other pcs; they are trying to find a way out of this place and can only move from stone to stone at the moment as they try not to fall int the lava)

Creatures emerge from their area on a roll of 9 or higher (roll once per day unless disturbance nearby); when they meet each other, roll 1d6: under 7 = fearful, 7 = neutral, above 7 = aggressive                                         Page 1