Friday, June 26, 2015

Fairies v Trolls

Our "Journey to Centre of the Earth' game continued on its merry way yesterday.

I had a very busy week so I had given the resumption of this campaign very little thought - last time I had fuelled Felix's wish to kill the other pcs by giving him about a dozen clans of fire imps (he got them all killed, of course).

I had in mind to give him a robot - slow but almost impregnable - and to throw in three competing groups of rock-fairies. As it happened, he wanted to have another crack with my last hand-out, changing the imps for trolls - in clans of 38, MR 70 each troll, with a chieftan with MR 140 and a shaman. There were six clans.

Thinking as fast as my saturated brain could mange, I decided the fairy groups went on an annual troll hunt; I invented a system of troll-shaman magic centred on hedge-spells and WIZ dependent on how many murders the shamen had committed, represented by a belt of bones.

We ended with on troll clan exterminated, bar the chieftan who had been hit early on with an extreme 'bad stomach' spell, two pcs captured by a group of fairies, a sentient horse pc set on fire, another pc's ear-stud-activated wolf brained by a troll-bludgeon spell, the rest of the pcs 'recruited' by a second group of fairies and Felix having gathered the other five troll clans together to resurrect, 'Metal Head', a robot fashioned by the bird-serpent wizard-god Zweetz, which had been buried bar the head by the trolls at a Feli-beast feast.

The faires had arrows which did not kill but had a particular effect - floating, lead-feet, weeping, manic laughing, flame-breathing (the horse set itself on fire when floating and laughing hysterically) - determined by the roll of 2d6, which I had to record as we went along as I had nothing prescribed in advance.

Anyhow, a satisfyingly crazy game, with plenty set up for next time and neither the L13 wizard nor the mega-accurate-with-a-crossbow-doing 150+ per shot-warrior dominated.

And I got to kill the wolf and the horse (well, Felix killed the wolf, his first pc kill for a long time).

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