Monday, September 30, 2013

The Wizard versus the Warrior

So, back to the arena after a brief encounter with a Portrait of the Writer as a Young Man (always employ an artist who will shave off years and is blind to defects).

The wizard easily has enough WIZ to TTYF the warrior but not enough INT for the spell to take him out - Weebo has INT 14 while Whacker Warner has CON 17.

Whacker is hurled backwards and sinks to his knees, barely conscious. Maybe he needs to make a SR on STR to stay with the plot? If so his STR of 15 will probably pull his fat from the fire.

What will Weebo do now? Not enough WIZ left for another TTYF and he knows Hold That Pose and Oh Go Away are banned by the Arena on pain of painful death...anyhow, he's just exerted himself mentally and can't do much until he recovers...rushing up to Whacker and running his ponard across his throat would seem a good move but can he do that?

Would Whacker really just sprawl there helplessly?

Seems to be we need a Recovery Time attribute to sort this fine mess out...

Not another attribute, surely? If you stop calling me Shirley, I will agree with you.

So - we combine STR and CON, taking the average and get to make SR on recovery time for them both.

Whacker would normally win but his CON is down to 3 - his average is 9 and it's not going to be easy to recover quickly enough now...but not impossible with DARO in play.

As for Weebo, STR and CON are not things he's nourished as a wizard. He has a reasonable 10 for both. A slight advantage (not that he can calculate this) and so he might get in with the knife before Whacker can clunk him with his studded bludgeon.

Tomorrow, I shall roll the dice to resolve this little spat and consider the combination of other attributes.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hard at Work

The blind leading the blind might be appropriate....

Blended Attributes

Long time no post! I´ve been enyoying the Mission in San Francisco and now Madrid in Spain.

We´ve been playing an arena game where you get 50GPs and 100APs for a win plus a boost on either STR, CON, DEX or SPD (found at random then 1-4 means plus 1 5-6 means plus 2). The arena gives the potions to boost these attributes because the fights get tougher and they want good action. No more potions after 10 wins. You can buy a 1d6 healing potion for 10GPs.

More of that later.

(Pause for Madrid demonstration against bank fraud passing by window of hotel.)

We were considering adding wizards and thought wizard v wizard would be too dull(quick). Warrior v wizard? We decided that would come down to recovery time if a well matched wizard zapped a tough warrior and didn´t kill him. Say, INT 14 zap on CON 18 with insufficent WIZ for a second TTYF.

Could the wizard step forward and slit the warriors throat with his poniard?

Thoughts posted here welcome....

More tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Offensive Material

I got a depressing sense of deja vu at the thought of the US bombing Syria. My Republican in-laws say 'Someone's got to do it.' I don't agree - not that I think the plight of people in Syria is acceptable and not that I have a clever solution to offer.

Anyhow, the thought of another occupation had my scribbling out a T&T style satire on the subject. It was fun and therapeutic to write but after publishing it here yesterday it occurred that some I would rather not offend might be offended by it. Would I if I were American? I don't think so. Would I if I were an American Republican? Quite possibly.

I suppose I'm too old now to wish to gratuitously offend and I no longer think I can or have the right to change someone else's mind.

So I deleted the thing.

Thoughts welcomed...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fang's Marching Song

Fang the Delectable is with the Fellowship of the Vine (see the Outer Sanctum) deep within a swamp on the trail of child kidnappers and murderers. He has just survived an encounter with a very large snapping turtle and his companions have found out that he has a sensitive nose and is prone to fainting at the sight of his own blood!

Here is his marching song:

Fang started muttering under his breath and the muttering grew louder until it became a chant as he ploughed on towards the meeting with the kidnappers. He chanted rhythmically, feet moving in time with the beat:

Marching's never fun
(Yomp, yomp, yomp)
Under Trollworld's sun
(Yomp, yomp, yomp)
Dangers lie in wait
(All about the swamp)
Dice control our fate
(All about the swamp)
Head towards foe
(Big Chomp's let us go)
Heroes onwards go!
(Big Chomp's let us go!)