Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fang's Marching Song

Fang the Delectable is with the Fellowship of the Vine (see the Outer Sanctum) deep within a swamp on the trail of child kidnappers and murderers. He has just survived an encounter with a very large snapping turtle and his companions have found out that he has a sensitive nose and is prone to fainting at the sight of his own blood!

Here is his marching song:

Fang started muttering under his breath and the muttering grew louder until it became a chant as he ploughed on towards the meeting with the kidnappers. He chanted rhythmically, feet moving in time with the beat:

Marching's never fun
(Yomp, yomp, yomp)
Under Trollworld's sun
(Yomp, yomp, yomp)
Dangers lie in wait
(All about the swamp)
Dice control our fate
(All about the swamp)
Head towards foe
(Big Chomp's let us go)
Heroes onwards go!
(Big Chomp's let us go!)

1 comment:

  1. Great song! Fang's been getting a lot of love lately. I'm surprised he's sensitive. Someone should illustrate Fang.