Friday, November 28, 2014

Fairies in the Mist

A snippet from yesterday's GM'd game:

To keep it short, the fairy wizard Lelaura had been stopped from snooping on a werewolf-controlled castle that needed to be taken apart by a 'Dome of Impenetrable Darkness' spell cast by the werewolf sorceror.

One of her companions is a vampire who can turn into mist. The fairy took a gamble and climbed into Yasela's pocket before she mist-ified herself. Yasela groped her way to the castle walls, which she then floated up and over until she found a courtyard which, when she entered, was not in darkness.

She then turned back into a solid form (WIZ cost 10).

This was the critical point for Lelaura and the dice favoured her - she emerged solid and unharmed (it was a life or death one-time roll).

Knowing this would work, Lelaura transferred enough WIZ to Yasela so that she could become mist again (having slipped back into her pocket) and the to proceed to find a drain, travel down a sewer to the castle's dungeon level, where they emerged into a bat cave.

Their task is (still) to bury a small box which will stop more werewolves spawning here and then trash the castle (this will be all the easier for the cyclops they convinced to join them by marrying him off to a human adventurer, Lucy Bottom, and the two dwarf warriors, Meatymutt and Wedges, the latter of whom has a talent for explosives). They explored a little further but drew the line when they found a torture chamber with a red-eyed liche pacing back and forth inside.

This game is loosely based on "Send in the Army", a GM adventure of mine available from Khaghbboommm Press via Lulu as a printed booklet but which I have not yet released via DriveThru as a pdf. (Playing it reveals to me that a number key on the maps would be helpful.)

House Elf in The Arena of Khaboom

Charlie's wizard House Elf is currently putting on a show in the Arena of Khaboom. He is L14 and has entered with the benefit of a Born Again spell (it would be very hard to kill him off at this stage as it would be too big a loss in so many ways; he has died twice, both times with BA spells in place: once was late night carelessly when he went down with the idiot hobbit Gibby Honeydew to elven archers in a camp ambush, the other when he helped mastermind the plot to bring down the L98 or somesuch liche-lord).

His one but last combat was against a knight. This is how it went...

The knight galloped out to meet House Elf as he emerged from the Tunnel of Challengers. The wizard had time to cast an Invisible Wall spell and the horse smashed into it, going down in a heap.

The Arena Management had gotten the Wizards' Guild to cast Double-Double spells on every attribute of House Elf's opponents. So the knight was quick enough to react without getting hurt himself and landed deftly on his feet.

As he roared and charged on foot, House Elf cast Slush Yuck under him. The knight would have escaped easily but the wizard is able to cast two spells once each day and he cast Hard Stuff to trap the knight.

(We play the 7.5 INT SR rule so spells can mis-fire.)

The ne'er say die knight threw a gauntlet at the wizard and then appealed for a drew when the failed to reach his target. This was rejected out of hand (sic) so he tried and failed again. House Elf allowed him one more shy and this time he removed his codpiece and missed just as badly with this aerodynamic projectile. House Elf had warned him that after three strikes, he would take a turn at this game.

House Elf threw his kukri at the knight, who easily hoisted his shield to block. House Elf has very high combat adds, even with the house rule we play halving a wizard's combat adds as he/she is not a trained fighter.

The knife went so fast, hard and true that it went straight through the tower shield, straight through his plate armour and went through his heart and out the back, killing him instantly.

The crowd were somewhat shocked but appreciated the aplomb with which the knight was dispatched.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


While playing Lions vs. Citizens, the rules of which I intend to sketch out soon, I rolled TARO three times in a row for one PC's CHR - now that is extraordinary!!

The odds are 1 in 36 x 36 x 36 - worse than 1 in 45,000.

This PC, the elegantly named Sam, was therefore able to make the lions lie down and roll on their backs, waiting to be tickled. The crowd enjoyed this as a change of diet to gore and Sam survived the Arena to make it out into the Wonderful World of Delving :)