Friday, November 28, 2014

Fairies in the Mist

A snippet from yesterday's GM'd game:

To keep it short, the fairy wizard Lelaura had been stopped from snooping on a werewolf-controlled castle that needed to be taken apart by a 'Dome of Impenetrable Darkness' spell cast by the werewolf sorceror.

One of her companions is a vampire who can turn into mist. The fairy took a gamble and climbed into Yasela's pocket before she mist-ified herself. Yasela groped her way to the castle walls, which she then floated up and over until she found a courtyard which, when she entered, was not in darkness.

She then turned back into a solid form (WIZ cost 10).

This was the critical point for Lelaura and the dice favoured her - she emerged solid and unharmed (it was a life or death one-time roll).

Knowing this would work, Lelaura transferred enough WIZ to Yasela so that she could become mist again (having slipped back into her pocket) and the to proceed to find a drain, travel down a sewer to the castle's dungeon level, where they emerged into a bat cave.

Their task is (still) to bury a small box which will stop more werewolves spawning here and then trash the castle (this will be all the easier for the cyclops they convinced to join them by marrying him off to a human adventurer, Lucy Bottom, and the two dwarf warriors, Meatymutt and Wedges, the latter of whom has a talent for explosives). They explored a little further but drew the line when they found a torture chamber with a red-eyed liche pacing back and forth inside.

This game is loosely based on "Send in the Army", a GM adventure of mine available from Khaghbboommm Press via Lulu as a printed booklet but which I have not yet released via DriveThru as a pdf. (Playing it reveals to me that a number key on the maps would be helpful.)

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