Sunday, December 7, 2014

Let's Go Down A Dungeon!

The Chamber of Z’Tpozz The Mad Dwarf – A GM Tunnels & Trolls Adventure

Played and GM’d by Khaghbboommm!

“This is an adventure for 4-8 characters, level 1-5.”

OK, so here is the party of 6 characters (we’ll fly in replacements as needed):

  1. Kuticles - Dwarf warrior (L5)
  2. Slammin’ Sammy Saladhin – Human warrior (L1)
  3. Runeweaver – Elf wizard (L5)
  4. Idris Slackbladder – Human witch (L3)
  5. Sylphilia – Fairy rogue (L4)
  6. Slippey Faggends – Hobb(it) rogue (L2)

We’ll see what possessions they have and what their attributes are as we progress – we want to get on with it!


The Panjandrum of the Fire Dwarves wants to hire us to recover their princess who has been kidnapped by a mad dwarf wizard. We get a map to take us to the wizard’s lair, located within an active volcano – not good but we do a small supply of Vyron potions to protect us. You can only take one dose at a time (or you die) and we get three each; they last 13-18 turns and you don’t know how long so we’ll only roll once 12 turns have gone by). (As GM, I know that PCs can only last CON divided by 25 turns before their lungs give out so the fairy will be in trouble if not very careful.)


The party enters a lava tunnel and it is clear that the first dose of potion is needed. Even Kuticles the Dwarf swallows a vial of the liquid, saying he will try not to use any more so that he may help anyone else who is less hardy. Kuticles, Runeweaver and Slippery volunteer to take care of one third of the remaining glass tubes each.

The first living thing encountered in the caverns is a strange hen with bright plumage that looks kind of rocky. It is about 2’ tall. Although they are not here to slaughter all life found below ground, Sylphilia suggests Kuticles sees how he does in combat against it so they get a sense of how tough things are down here in the fiery depths of the earth. The dwarf agrees and the fairy hovers above the combat, ready to help the warrior if needed. The wizards are alert and ready with spells.

Kuticles: STR – 11/22/50 WIZ – 12/8/15 INT – 9/9/12 LK – 31*/20/20 CON – 8/16/20 DEX – 10/10/15 CHR – 7/5/8 SPD – 13/13/15 ADDS – +52(+55) Weapons – War hammer 5+2/10+2, kukri 2+5, 2 poniards 2 each Armour – Leather (6)/(12)
Other Possessions – Lantern, backpack and provisions, 100’ silk rope, piton hammer and 10 pitons

(Attributes – I give the dice roll, the modified number and then the number after leveling.)

The dwarf fights with his war hammer and kukri and rolls 12 d6 for 36 (1 spite) plus 59 adds for a total of 95. The G’Zenna hen has MR 13 and rolls 2d6 for 6 (no spite) plus 6 adds for a total of 12.

The warrior smashes the hen flat with his hammer in the first strike of the contest and wipes it clean on his beard. (He gets 13 APs).

Runeweaver casts a Whammy on his hammer and he helps Sylphilia and Idris cast Vorpal Blades on every one’s main weapons (they cannot afford to hang about recovering WIZ so limit the blade-boosting). (Runeweaver gets 16 APs for the L2 Whammy and 9 for the L1 Vorpal Blade; Sylphilia gets 26 APs for two Vorpal Blades; Idris gets 17APs for two Vorpal Blades – no critical fumbles on INT SRs to cast spells (I shall find their INTs later).

One turn has passed and the delvers are ready to go on, not scared of chickens they have no need to count.

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