Saturday, December 20, 2014

Don't You Eat My Dungeon!

Delvers! They just never do what their meant to...

"Atroll is a troll. He sees a giant octopus in the pool. He reaches into his Pack of Many Things and putls out his Squidjigger--a weapon especially designed for combat with cephalopods, and then attacks the octopus. Once the octopus has been rendered into sushi and devoured, Atroll continues with his plan to walk out to the center of the pool and look around. He may even take a refreshing walk on the bottom of the pool--being a rock troll he is too heavy to swim, but he also doesn't need to breathe under water, so he can completely explore the pool. If there is any more food inside it, Atroll will eat that too."

The sushi is very good indeed and boosts Atroll's CON by a generous 2d6. The pool is no pool at all but a very small part of an ocean. It is very deep here and Atroll sinks down many, many metres. He sees huge, hulking shapes in the distance from time to time but none come close to him. Perhaps they fear him after what he did to the Doctor or perhaps they are just vegetarians.

Atroll could wander off along the seabed or he could try jumping to get back to the island. It would normally take a L10 SR on STR to do this - surely a small step for Atroll although a giant one for mankind - but writhing rubbery weeds are emerging from the seabed to ensnare his ankles. They are remarkably tough and require a STR SR five levels higher to rip apart - still within his compass, one imagines.

As the weeds wrap themselves about his stalwart legs, he feels a strong cold, current coming from his left and catches the strains of a haunting melody carried through the ocean.

He can easily access his PoMT...

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