Tuesday, January 13, 2015

That's Novel

A slow start blog-wise to the New Year but then I've been busy writing.

Today I finished 'Magic City Mayor", an adventure amongst the chaos that is Khaboom,  a sprawling cosmopolitan stew at the heart of the magic-rich Kraken continent. The characters kept popping up and the story wrote itself. There were far too many interested parties for this to be a book about one person - it is a book about a different world.

In true Tolkien style, it ends where it begins, back at the Sullied Trouser Inn where Halla the troll barman lets his customers get out of their skulls. Here are the chapter titles (I aimed for each to be between 1500 and 2000 words):

Chapter One – The Sullied Trouser Inn
Chapter Two – Quill Court
Chapter Three – Wizards’ School
Chapter Four – Barroom Brawl
Chapter Five – Forensic Science
Chapter Six – Four And Twenty Blackbirds
Chapter Seven – Official Business
Chapter Eight – Blind Date
Chapter Nine – Spelling Test
Chapter Ten – The Best Laid Plans
Chapter Eleven – Table Manners
Chapter Twelve – The Tricks Of The Trade
Chapter Thirteen – Suspended Sentence
Chapter Fourteen – Always Expect The Unexpected
Chapter Fifteen – A Garden Party
Chapter Sixteen – A Special Delivery
Chapter Seventeen – Rogues In The House
Chapter Eighteen – Red Roses
Chapter Nineteen – Curiosity Killed The Cat
Chapter Twenty – Slumming It
Chapter Twenty-One – Wheels Of Power
Chapter Twenty-Two – Hot Pursuit
Chapter Twenty-Three – Scrubbing Up
Chapter Twenty-Four – Undergarments
Chapter Twenty-Five – Teacher’s Pet
Chapter Twenty-Six – Disappearing Acts
Chapter Twenty-Seven – Another Mouth To Feed
Chapter Twenty-Eight – The History Of Trollworld By The Wizard Crosshair (an extract) – The Mastery Of Magic
Chapter Twenty-Nine – A Booming Business
Chapter Thirty – Hoodwinked
Chapter Thirty-One – The History Of Trollworld By The Wizard Crosshair (a second extract) – Kith And Kin
Chapter Thirty-Two – A Bug’s Life
Chapter Thirty-Three – Pop!
Chapter Thirty-Four – Snakes In The Grass
Chapter Thirty-Five – A Circuitous Route
Chapter Thirty-Six – The Race Is On
Chapter Thirty-Seven – A Shot In The Dark
Chapter Thirty-Eight – Dealing With Dwarves And Dragons
Chapter Thirty-Nine – No Way Out
Chapter Forty – No Noose Is Good News
Chapter Forty-One – What In Tarnation?
Chapter Forty-Two – Look What’s On The Slab
Chapter Forty-Three – Steady As You Go, Wobbly
Chapter Forty-Four – Building A Powerbase
Chapter Forty-Five – “My Name Is Shoppie – Nice Doing Business With You!”
Chapter Forty-Six – Spellbound
Chapter Forty-Seven – Uprising!
Chapter Forty-Eight – Let It Rock
Chapter Forty-Nine – Tricks Up Their Sleeves
Chapter Fifty – A Hard Bargain
Chapter Fifty-One – Time To Call In A Favour
Chapter Fifty-Two – Snakes And Ladders
Chapter Fifty-Three – Full Circle
Chapter Fifty-Four – Never Caught A Rabbit


  1. Nice! If you need a beta-reader, shoot me an email.

  2. Exciting! If your fiction is half as good as your adventure games (which are fiction too, though I've seen OTR adventures of the Shadow on sale in Border's Nonfiction section) --- well, I intend to live to read this/them!