Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pushing Water Up Hill

Proofreading!!! Who would wish it on anyone?  Well, I've 'done' 30 out of 54 chapters to date and 'done' means reading through carefully and then recording the chapter. I've never tried that before but it really helps picking up errors and pointing to where word order needs to change.

I have a great offer to Beta read and Kamea is listening to the chapters as we go, avid for more.

I've been listening to the Magician series recently; the first three books. It is fiction that uses many different characters as I have done. Coincidence but.... The switching of Point of View Character in that series is probably what has kept me listening. I think I have attempted more humour - hopefully the jokes will not fall flat.


  1. Nice. It's always good to hear of forward progress made by friends on their creative projects. Helps to keep me motivated. :) I know how difficult it can be to write something of significant length that will keep the reader reading. Pushing water up hill sounds easier. I'm looking forward to reading your novel!

  2. As a great admirer of the only two novels which took full advantage of multiple viewpoints (the Moonstone by Winsome Willy and Dracula by Sly Stoker) I am - even more - looking forward to your novel now. It's a tough way to write, and it's harder to make each viewer character distinct from each other, so I wish you well. You made it harder on yourself, but the payoff can be tremendous.