Friday, December 19, 2014

Those First Few Steps

1) Atroll goes to walk to the little island but stops when he sees a large octopus in the water; it is clear that it is watching him intently. Does he continue to with his walking plan?

2) Buruk goes over to the instruments. They look first class. Which one does he play?

3) Cogre walks to the window. All he can see behind the glass is a small swarm of busy bees and a dull metal key.

What next?

1 comment:

  1. Atroll is a troll. He sees a giant octopus in the pool. He reaches into his Pack of Many Things and putls out his Squidjigger--a weapon especially designed for combat with cephalopods, and then attacks the octopus. Once the octopus has been rendered into sushi and devoured, Atroll continues with his plan to walk out to the center of the pool and look around. He may even take a refreshing walk on the bottom of the pool--being a rock troll he is too heavy to swim, but he also doesn't need to breathe under water, so he can completely explore the pool. If there is any more food inside it, Atroll will eat that too.