Thursday, December 18, 2014

Escaping from the Octagon Room

What You Can See When You Arrive in the Octagon Room

1 - 50' by 30' pool of clear water with a small round platform, 4' diameter, in the centre with 2 beams of wood 1' wide leading to the platform.
2 - A glass window 10' wide by 3'
3 - Bees and a large key
4 - Prison bars with three bears inside, 2 adult, 1 juvenile
5 - Kitchen area with stove, cupboards, workbench, utensils and pit filled with ice
6 - 3 beds and 3 closets
7 - piano, drums, violin, xylophone, trumpet and tambourine
8 - glass-walled room with wooden box inside
9 - statue of snaky haired woman, one hand behind her back, the other outstretched, open palmed
10 - 5' long metal zip with weird runes above it

1 comment:

  1. That's some puzzle room. There are so many elements to it that I'm baffled before I even get a good start on the puzzle. What is tho object of the room? Are we supposed to find a treasure, find a way out of the room, free the bears? It's hard to solve a puzzle when you have no idea what kind of solution is wanted. Now, if I were part of a party exploring that room, I'd split us up. Send someone to the center of the pool, have someone play an instrument, go look through the window to see what could be seen, investigate the beds and closets, check on the bees--are they flying free or confined in a hive of some sort. Oh, there are plenty of things to do in a room like this.