Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Offensive Material

I got a depressing sense of deja vu at the thought of the US bombing Syria. My Republican in-laws say 'Someone's got to do it.' I don't agree - not that I think the plight of people in Syria is acceptable and not that I have a clever solution to offer.

Anyhow, the thought of another occupation had my scribbling out a T&T style satire on the subject. It was fun and therapeutic to write but after publishing it here yesterday it occurred that some I would rather not offend might be offended by it. Would I if I were American? I don't think so. Would I if I were an American Republican? Quite possibly.

I suppose I'm too old now to wish to gratuitously offend and I no longer think I can or have the right to change someone else's mind.

So I deleted the thing.

Thoughts welcomed...

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