Thursday, September 26, 2013

Blended Attributes

Long time no post! I´ve been enyoying the Mission in San Francisco and now Madrid in Spain.

We´ve been playing an arena game where you get 50GPs and 100APs for a win plus a boost on either STR, CON, DEX or SPD (found at random then 1-4 means plus 1 5-6 means plus 2). The arena gives the potions to boost these attributes because the fights get tougher and they want good action. No more potions after 10 wins. You can buy a 1d6 healing potion for 10GPs.

More of that later.

(Pause for Madrid demonstration against bank fraud passing by window of hotel.)

We were considering adding wizards and thought wizard v wizard would be too dull(quick). Warrior v wizard? We decided that would come down to recovery time if a well matched wizard zapped a tough warrior and didn´t kill him. Say, INT 14 zap on CON 18 with insufficent WIZ for a second TTYF.

Could the wizard step forward and slit the warriors throat with his poniard?

Thoughts posted here welcome....

More tomorrow.

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