Monday, September 30, 2013

The Wizard versus the Warrior

So, back to the arena after a brief encounter with a Portrait of the Writer as a Young Man (always employ an artist who will shave off years and is blind to defects).

The wizard easily has enough WIZ to TTYF the warrior but not enough INT for the spell to take him out - Weebo has INT 14 while Whacker Warner has CON 17.

Whacker is hurled backwards and sinks to his knees, barely conscious. Maybe he needs to make a SR on STR to stay with the plot? If so his STR of 15 will probably pull his fat from the fire.

What will Weebo do now? Not enough WIZ left for another TTYF and he knows Hold That Pose and Oh Go Away are banned by the Arena on pain of painful death...anyhow, he's just exerted himself mentally and can't do much until he recovers...rushing up to Whacker and running his ponard across his throat would seem a good move but can he do that?

Would Whacker really just sprawl there helplessly?

Seems to be we need a Recovery Time attribute to sort this fine mess out...

Not another attribute, surely? If you stop calling me Shirley, I will agree with you.

So - we combine STR and CON, taking the average and get to make SR on recovery time for them both.

Whacker would normally win but his CON is down to 3 - his average is 9 and it's not going to be easy to recover quickly enough now...but not impossible with DARO in play.

As for Weebo, STR and CON are not things he's nourished as a wizard. He has a reasonable 10 for both. A slight advantage (not that he can calculate this) and so he might get in with the knife before Whacker can clunk him with his studded bludgeon.

Tomorrow, I shall roll the dice to resolve this little spat and consider the combination of other attributes.

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