Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another Winning Combination

I got some good feedback yesterday on multi-combinations but that can come later.

Today sees INT spliced with DEX. And what comes out of the hat? Stealth...could still be a talent but base it on the average of INT and DEX.

The reasoning goes like this: just because your smart doesn't mean you'll make a good sneak; just because you're a good archer doesn't mean you can slip past the guards. You are more likely to do the stealthy, sneaky undetectable stuff if you use your head and you do it without physical mishap.

No need for a separate attribute.

Back to Weebo and Whacker.

They need to see who will recover most quickly - Weebo from casting his TTYF, Whacker from geeting fried by it.

Now it's dice time. Weebo's STR and CON average is 10; Whacker's average based on his current CON is 9. Weebo rolls 2,6, Whacker rolls 1,1,1,4 (both fail so we roll again). Weebo fails again but this time Whacker rolls 1,2 - critical fumble! The effort of trying to recover from being blasted with the threat of a wizard with a knife on his way to finish the job is just too much - the unfortunate Whacker Warner passes out with barely a whimper. Weebo teeters over on unsteady feet and his blade completes the job his spell-casting started.

Chalk one up to the wizard fraternity.

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