Sunday, April 22, 2012

Elven, Dwarven, Fairy and Hobb(it) Spells

Heard It Through The Grapevine
Enables caster to talk to trees
Touch/1 turn/Yes/10

Root Of The Problem
Makes INT SRs 1d6 levels lower
20’/1 turn/Yes/12

Barking Mad
Causes target to howl manically, unable to attack or flee
50’/1 combat round/Yes/12

Sap Rising
Boosts CON of caster by 1d6
Touch/1d6 turns/Yes/15

Branching Out
Allows caster to gain sympathy of target if LK and CHR exceed target’s LK and CHR or MR
30’/1 turn/Yes/11

Out Of The Woods
Enables caster to escape from traps with a LK SR at 1d6 level
10’/1 combat round/No/18

Hammer Blow
Enchants blunt weapon to shatter metal, stone and other brittle solids
Touch/I combat turn/No/8

Enchants blunt weapon to crush stone, metal, wood and other solids to powder or fragments
Touch/I combat turn/No/8

Erects stone wall in front of caster up to twice casters height and three times arm span, taking 6d6 hits
20’/I turn/Yes/10

Rock On
Enables caster or other being to keep going under extreme conditions – doesn’t restore CON but SRs are based on full attributes not reduced ones
Touch/I hour/Yes/15

Boulderly Go
Enables caster to hurl a boulder unerringly at a target – generates STR x level hits
50’/I combat round/No/12

Can You Dig It?
Caster is able to dig out a tunnel through earth or rock with bare hands – tunnel is 50’ per level
Touch/5 minutes/Yes/15

Fair Enough
Causes target to accept caster’s word as true if INT, LK and CHR are greater than target
20’/1 turn/Yes/16

Twinkle Toes
Doubles caster’s DEX and SP
Touch/1 combat turn/Yes/18

Fair Thee Well
Allows caster to bestow blessing for one day on another being – all attributes increase by 2d6 for day
Touch/1 day/Yes/24

Forms a protective grotto around the caster which cannot be seen into and which cannot be penetrated physically – magic 3 levels higher can affect the grotto; big enough for 4 fairies
20’/1 day/Yes/24

Doubles size of caster’s feet making them a 3d6 weapon each
Touch/1 combat turn/Yes/6

Conjures small cake which if eaten trebles caster or another being’s CON
Touch/2 combat turns/Yes/10

Allows caster or another being to carry 100 times normal weight
Touch/2 turns/Yes/7

Deadly Dare
If caster accepts a challenge, this spell doubles caster’s LK
Touch/1 hour/Yes/12

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  1. Thanks for the comment Paul - the rule I quotedis what we played with Ken is NZ - a house rule :) I have amended the relevant section. Cheers