Wednesday, July 18, 2012

House Rules

House Rules – 7.5 and beyond

We shifted to 7.5 in April 2012 under Ken’s tutelage. Here are our current House Rules:
1-Warriors get one extra dice per level for their main weapon. If they actively use another weapon they don’t get this advantage to start with but they can build up proficiency with more than one weapon. E.G. Egbut the Slug is a L2 warrior – he loves to bludgeon things. He gets 5 dice not 3 when he attacks with this weapon. A friend, Norrie Ahi, introduces him to the delights of fighting with a serrated spatula. Egbut gives at go but only gets the standard 4 dice. Surviving the Dungeon of the Unlikely Settings and training for a couple of months afterwards, he gets to be as skilled with the spatula as he was with the bludgeon. He still gets 5 dice for the latter but he now gets 6 dice for the former.
2-Wizards are trained to fight but they can use a war hammer, if they are strong enough, better than they can a jambiya so they get the full dice for either weapon but they only get half combat adds. They just don’t know how to turn strength, luck, dexterity and speed into a good fighting technique. Before khremm (BK), things were worse because the L5 wizard probably had great strength for casting spells and great dexterity for the same reason. He could most likely punch out the L5 warrior with one hand tied behind his back. Not right! This makes warriors the best fighters, as they should be. (Rogues get full adds but no extra dice and no armour advantage.)
3-Now we understand SPD to be reaction speed, we take STR and SPD and average them for sprinting speed. Could add CON into the mix for marathon running…
4-Throw a 1 and a 2 on an INT SR when casting a spell and you cast a spell right enough but it’s the wrong spell! You panic and fluff it – you cast a random spell you know of the same level at the WIZ cost of the spell you intended. Nasty if you fail a Poor Baby and cast a … well, L2 spells aren’t as lethal perhaps – maybe Glue You would be unfortunate. Anyhow, we did that with Ken and it added a certain frisson!
Next – messing with rogues, top to bottom!

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