Monday, November 18, 2013

Those Dice, Those Damned Dice

OK, probability. Or improbability more like.

Let's start with the odds of rolling a critical fumble - one in eighteen.

Charlie sent a fresh character into a solo and got turned into a vampire (well, got bitten by a vampire and decided this would be the consequence rather than death).

The new character, a woman named Glestregal, somehow got hooked up with a serious bunch set on taking out Andy Holmers' Liche Lord.

This vampire got sent out on patrol, rolled 1 on the encounter dice to get an encounter, then a 6 which determined the size (big: an ogre). 

Question1: Did she spot the ogre? Required: L1 SR on INT/LK. Result: Critical fumble. Consequence:: Grabbed by ogre and carried off.

Decides to bide time and bite ogre....

Question 2: Could she pull it off (the ogre was no dummy and alert to escape tricks - he rolled 14 for INT). Required: L2 SR on INT/DEX. Result: Critical fumble. Consequence: Ogre whacks her to knock her out.

Question 3: How much damage did the ogre do? Required: L1 SR on LK. Result: Critical fumble. Consequence:: Neck broken by ogre, body dumped in bushes (good news as vampires regenerate).

Question 4: Will other patrol members find her body? Required: L1 SR on LK. Result: Critical fumble. Consequence: Body will not be found for a number of days.

How long will this take? 6 on 1d6 indicates 3 days; how big will creatures finding the corpse be? - roll of 3 indicates not big: foxes. Outcome - body consumed, bones picked clean.

Now that woman rolled four (FOUR) critical fumbles in succession - the odds of that happening, you ask?

1 in 104,976.

Don't wait up to see that again!

PS The next time she went out on patrol she again rolled 1,2 and got set upon by 5 goblins who captured and ransomed her....

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  1. Yikes...did she switch dice at any time? Those stinkers should be retired!