Thursday, July 23, 2015

TrollCon 2015

Here it is - in my hands! dT&T's bodyguards look mean though...

Kris (Startroll) gave me a copy of Monsters! Monsters! and then ran us through Oscar's Inn from memory, even allowing the randomly created 'DERFA' as a special magical possession of my warrior, Bumcrackle.

Next morning we found ourselves facing harpies in Bear Peter's deserted castle. Larry DiTillio spoke of a sequel to the 'Isle of Dark Smoke' while Bumcrackle survived his second adventure.

Then we were off to the Trollcave for the adventure of a lifetime under the streets of Khazan with the Death Goddess herself. It was a masterclass in GMing but even more so in storytelling. Homer would have been impressed and Kamea his the jackpot too. Here you can see the Trollgod unleashing a TTYF on the unruly players.

On Sunday, John (Manikbobo) took us through his very frustrating and cunning teleportation dungeon. Bumcrackle survived a third time (he did not venture out in Khazan very wisely) and found a new love for meditating on ceiling art. Bear, James, Charlie and Kavela pulled him through.

Liz wasn't there so I stood in for her when we had to hit the road for Tucson.

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  1. Jeez, Mark, did you have to publish that picture of me with my hat off and tummy hanging out? Nothing demoralizes me more than reality.

    I'm glad you had a good time at TrollCon.