Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Way back in 2015 we were adventuring in a far-flung outpost of the Kraken continet, a place called Vulgaria that first appeared in the epic, mega solo, "MIssing Inaction". There roads from Khaboom to Vulgaria are just about non-existant so travel is normally on the underground river canals. The town is ruled by a tax-greedy baron and is ripe for revolution.

The local Wizards' Guild was run by a L7 wizard but the party took him down and a L3 guy stpped into the breach. The place is rather a mess, no little thanks to one pc who is a ghost. They never did help out the people who got them to come here - Calzoni's Circus, a crowd invented by 'Mad' Roy Cram.

Well, we're over to Waihi where Matthew books out the local croquet and bowls club and I think we will end up ina dungeon on the trail of the long-dead Princess Dementia of the Silver Palace, whom a red dragon is thought to have swooped and taken many years ago. I found a D&D adventure free online and decided to muss it up a bit (a lot!).

Seem to have a play-by-email game under way on the wild west coast of the Kraken continet too, fingers crossed.

The 'Lion and the Unicorn' solo is having the artwork finished and I wrote the opening to 'Control Freak', a solo centred on the spirit mastery spell. I also managed the first paragraphs of a new sci-fi story set at the time the pakeha came to Aotearoa NZ.

And I expect we may have an hour's walk with more of the Donald Neuf-Trump grand larceny game and then a skype game with the UK and more of the 'Man Utd' trio, Rooney, Angel and van Persie (well one still counts) and there meeting with a gorgon.

I shall need a holiday tomorrow!

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