Saturday, June 18, 2016

No Nonsense Frank

We're following the life of a City Watchman through the streets of Khaboom at the moment. Frank is 34 and has just got married. He's never been interested in a promotion but now with his thoughts on starting a family, he's horizons are expanding.

His sergeant at Dungbeetle Scrubs, a crusty dwarf named Rumplejaw, is very encouraging, as is friend, the homespun philosopher, Nietzche.

He's having a normal Friday night knees-up at the Sullied Trousers when a messenger for the rich chestnut estate owner, the wizard Warmnutz, comes looking for some likely lads to recover some stolen goods for him. It's urgent.

Two strange fellows with a box, Rosencrantz and Guildernstern, accept the job (50% of the 200 GPs fee up front) but will Frank be hooked by this dangling carrot?

His no nonsense approach to work and life on the city has kept him alive and made him popular but things can change in an instant in the magic-rich Trollworld...

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