Monday, January 2, 2017

Shields Again

Kia ora!

I got a post from Liz D liking the offhand weapon aspect of the last post but suggesting the extra protection for shields might get too high before long.

Great to have a comment from Liz!

To skin the feline another way, maybe I would be better suggesting attack dice for shileds ege instead of the L1 warrior getting an extra 2d6 protection for the buckler, giving 1d6 attack would make it even more attractive. I guess you don't have to picture some brawny Conan type skulling an enemy - maybe having the buckler makes the broadsword more potent in tandem with the shield. Warriors could get level bonuses on shields too so the L2 comparison would hold up and after L2 I'm not so fussed because the GM is into 'busking' territory.

And on we go...

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