Monday, June 12, 2017

Appearances Can Be Deceptive

I look here and see no activity - shame on me!

Beyond the surface, if not beyond the pale, several GM campaigns continue and a new one has begun involving a party of dwarves travelling home on the 'Blunderbus' who get sidetracked by a shanty town of vampire dwarves alongside the construction of a dome fortress at the head of the Undead Peninsula.

I have also finished the first section of 'Ocean's Edge', a seafaring solo where players can advance from apprentice to captain, joining the crew of either a merchantman, a naval man of war or a pirate. The first section dealing with the adventures of the apprentices weighs anchor at 405 paragraphs.

I recently made a friend in Joel at a session for TOG players. hee quickly decided T&T and he were a match made by Swan Vesta in heaven and abandonned involvemnt in wargamer mechanics for role-playing frivolity - he has already written a solo which will soon see the light of day!

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