Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Castle of Death by AR Holmes


The international postal services made successful saving rolls at both ends ( and so did I, I suppose) and the package from Andy Holmes arrived this weekend from England to New Zealand (good old colonialism!).

Goblin Crag, The Dungeon of the Death Mage and The Castle of Death. The first is THE most awesome GM dungeon, which my son cut his delving teeth on, the other two solos are new to me.
Taking a leaf from the Trollgod’s book, I am going to chronicle my adventure in the castle and hope it is not well named…

First off, it’s a 5.5 adventure. No problem, but I am going to have WIZ and SPD ratings because I want this character to survive and adventure elsewhere. The guidance notes (tick for that!) tell me no higher than L6, no more than 160 adds and it is best for warriors although there is a magic matrix.
I have no such character in fictional life so I am making one up.

Here are the stats for the human warrior, Sir Geoffery de Boyks:

STR – 60, WIZ – 20, INT – 18, LK – 45, CON – 77, DEX – 53, CHR – 29, SPD – 38.  By good estimation, he has 148 adds so Sir Geoffery is at the high end of the ‘permitted’ characters and by 7.5 reckoning he is L6 (I shall add 6 into saving rolls if needed).

Characters are allowed to have any weapons, armour or possessions and here is the list Sir Geoffery has accumulated:

·        Enchanted scimitar 10d6+8 plus (house rule) 1 extra dice per level as he is a warrior so 16+8
·        Bubble shield – 28 protection for warrior plus as yet unspecified bubble properties
·        Mail armour – 14 protection for warrior
·        Death stars (12) – 4d6+2 each
·        100’ silk rope, compass, lantern and oil, pition hammer & 10 pitons, grappling hook, curare
·        Magi-map (automatically creates accurate map)
·        Cloak of Silence
·        Healing potion – 1d6 healing, 6 doses
·        Sack of Capacity – holds 10 times normal capacity with no weight to carry beyond empty sack. 

      I shall see about talents, languages and gold as we go along.

Will he survive his first thrust into the castle? We shall find out soon…


  1. I like the bubble shield of Sir Geoffery. Maybe it absorbs things like arows and throws them back at the enemy? :-)
    good luck on your quest!

    1. That sounds good! I think the bubble shield will have to come into play soon :)

  2. Look forward to reading your future posts. How does one roll up a 6th level character, what house rules are you using? The best I've ever done is rolling a second level PC.

  3. I made them up - no dice rolling. The text said max 160 adds and max L6 so I chose numbers to fit that profile.
    Then I decided that a L6 character wouldn't just have ordinary possessions and so I moulded the warrior to fit the image I now had in mind.
    I think for solos many would take this approach - I can see already that if I rolled up a new character with 3d6 for each attribute in order, I would be making new characters very quickly!

  4. The only house rule I'm using here is that warriors get one extra dice per level for the main weapon - not just one add per the rule book (I think that is just too token)

  5. Good points, I think I'll start doing that. Better way to enjoy the solo when you’re dying less.