Monday, December 10, 2012

Sir Geoffery gets rich, has no need for anti-perspirant and forms a cunning plan

Putting such thoughts aside (you'll have to read the last post!), he determined to explore the upper gallery next. A place overgrown with vines and filled with intriguing statues, it surprisingly yielded no booty and no danger. Scarcely believing this dearth of risk and reward, the knight descended and headed north into a section of the castle sadly decayed by the passing years. It was a mess. He reckoned there was no immediate danger so he left the security of the entrance archway and set about searching methodically.

In game terms, this meant increasingly difficult LK saving rolls with the prospect of getting lost if a commeasurately high INT SR was not made at the end of the treasure trawl. L7 was the top LK ask – with INT of 20 even with a 6 level bonus, Sir Geoffery accepted that he would lose his way. It dawned on him that at the earliest opportunity he should pray for increased intellect.

Truth to tell, this time proved to be a calm cruise in happy hunting grounds for de Boyks. He turned up a total booty bonus of 15,710 gold pieces in value – far too heavy to take out by himself. He successfully battled a skeleton and a mountain gorilla without breaking sweat, as well as a vampire. In two of the fights, he would have taken one point of spite damage but I ruled that as he won so overwhelmingly, these enemies didn’t manage to even touch Sir Geoffery (house rule: if the difference in combat totals is vast, the victor gets a L1 SR on LK to avoid spite – if an ant does battle with a dragon and rolls a 6, I’m not going to be quick to smack the dragon with a point of damage) – so no vampire infection.

The hero pulled up a heavy stone with a flick of his wrist and located an amulet which uplifted his strength by 3 when worn. He got another weapon – this time a plain sword enchanted to give the wielder’s STR in dice. For de Boyks, that is 63 currently! Only one add though…

Twice he got a bad feeling as he explored and heeded the intuition. A plan grew in his mind – go to Khaboom and team up with an experienced and trustworthy wizard to complete the cleansing of the castle and hire a team of dwarves to demolish the parts of the castle beyond repair and then rebuild and renovate. Satisfied with this plan, he hid the cash and legged it out of his by now favourite creepy hang out.

As he sauntered back to the village, a longer term plan fermented: to find a witch wife to forge a more permanent partnership with, in which he would – after a little playtime – be able to sleep easily at night.

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