Monday, December 3, 2012

Underwater Kindreds

A concept for a new solo grew on me yesterday. Now I need to brainstorm under the sea trollworld kindreds - if anyone has any offerings, they will be greatly received and probably included.

kia ora



  1. You want us to all the work for you ;)

  2. I'm so transparent - he, maybe that's a cue for a jellyfishman :)

  3. A race of underwater Dwarves that dwell within the bowels of a great leviathan as it travels the world?

    Need to encounter new folks? Roll on the Random Swallowed Civilization Chart?

  4. Thanks Tom - those sort of ideas are ones I can work with :)

  5. The Range/Khazanate sea must be full of Mer!
    Of course, they have their own underwater empire, and Trollgod only knows what kind of secret deals they have with the Cyurks of Zweetz, on the island of Gaar…
    It is said that some of the Mer are Mer-garous or were-meres. They lose their fish tails when leaving the sea and walk with 2 legs. As soon as they swim in the sea again, their legs turn into a fish tail again.
    See for a very interesting article about the Mer

  6. That is a good article - the possibilities are huge for sea life! What an endless wonderful world to explore :)

  7. Mark-

    Working on something for 9KW & Perryton Pub tht will have underwater dwellers playing a minor role. When I get further, I'd be certainly up to sharing ideas.