Sunday, June 8, 2014

Getting Down Deep

With a judicious use of Hell Bomb Bursts, the crypt of the Vampire Lord of L5 (an addition of mine) was taken out by a team of 2 L10 wizards and a four-armed mad miner called Mr Jenkins, answerable to the demon-lord Zorgoth and replete with his 'A' team, the six fire demons (MR 70 each) Scorch, Burny, Fiery, Furnace, Lava and Volcano..

Now the Liche Lord awaits, returning to his mortal remains from the Nether Realms. The suicide going down are charged with making sure the portal to the Nether Realms is closed and the liche occupied enough to stop him escaping before the Big Guns come in (tghe logic being that their presence any earlier would bring him back to his bones before the trap has been set). Suicide squad? The are all equipped with Born Again medallions so they can afford to really get in his face. The fire demons have set their sights on orificial attacks...

We shall soon see if old Lichey has any tricks up his raggedy sleeves...

Next: a picture of Souza Fortescue, once of Goblin Crag, the curmudgeonly, canankterous and overweight dwarven wizard who is leading the squad.

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