Friday, June 13, 2014

Latest Game and 'Missing' Projects

The latest game we have embarked on deals with what happens at Wizards' School. We have a group of 10 students starting out on their training, hoping to qualify as L1 wizards. So far, they have learnt 'Sparkle' and "Call Flame'. The basis premise is that they do the classroom work in the morning and then try to cast the spell under pressure in the afternoon. I am trying not to Hogwarts-ise it too much...

We play a rule that if a wizard fails the INT SR to cast a spell with a critical fumble, a random spell of that level is cast instead. With only one or two spells known, Professors Faunus (a centaur) and Indus (a satyr) are getting sick of seeing sparkly balls. One student died when Indus made him re-cast Hocus Focus - this called for a Master of the Metabolic Arts to hasten to the classroom to cast Nefarious Necromancy and a Mistress of the Cosmic Arts to hurry to cast Born Again before the N N spell ran out.

Elsewhere in my mental landscape, I am wondering about the well being of Trollzine #8 and the 'Apocolypse In Your Home Town' project, both of which I contributed to last year.

I had a query from the purchaser of a printed 'Arena of Khaboom' (go to Lulu) - what is the difference between being a Champion and a Challenger? Apart from champions getting their CON restored after every contest, the former have to commit to 10 fights, the latter just 3. Must get round to doing the pdf for DriveThru soon...

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