Thursday, July 31, 2014

Works in Progress

My current project is a huge Khaboom city solo, titled "Missing Inaction" (because you will not have a moment to relax) and I have just received the draft front and back cover from Stan. I know need to write the blurb - a short job compared with getting to the end of the solo (still nowhere in sight after reaching paragraph 1139!).

I have the next chapter of a long-running campaign to GM this afternoon where the players are attempting to deliver a load of cannonballs to a port - they have already broken the axles of one re-inforced wagon and a can see problems with a large hill ahead...

I have the luxury every second Sunday of being one of 8 players in a game played out on a planet called "the World of Laws". The GM is a DM... it is very loosely based on TOG as we have ACs, Hit Points and the like but the players quickly have learned to say 'Luck' instead of 'Wisdom" and although we roll d20 for saving rolls, the rolls are permitted with no reference to a rulebook, only to what makes the game hum. A roll of 1 or 20 represent the extremes of a critical fumble or doubles sixes. There is a veneer of TOG but it has the heart of the Troll :)

All three are works in progress, as are we all :)

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