Sunday, August 3, 2014

Shark Hunting off Khaghtch'an

Just began Monday by opening a new scene in 'Missing Inaction' - shark hunting. I can see the throwaway line that led to this new avenue to explore giving rise to another dozen paragraphs.

The Friday game saw the cannonballs left undisturbed but the dwarf captain of the barge was forced to turn pirate when the PCs decided to test their strength by taking out the Watch boat when they were stopped for inspection. Not straightaway, true, but it always lurked their as a possibility. A new creature was discovered in the barge's cargo bay - the snook, a large rodent with kangaroo back legs, a leonine head and four arms ending with wicked claws. One PC got the job of 'snook tamer' (and feeder) and has to go into the cage with them once a day. Another PC got the task of cooking a stew for the uruks and ogres making up the crew of Captain Bastart's law boat. Thee players proclaimed it the 'best game ever' so I travelled home at the end of the week tired but well pleased.

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