Thursday, August 11, 2016


I got an email from my sister in Australia this week telling me she had bumped into a D&D fan who she told I was a D&D writer. She asked me to get in touch with him because he wanted signed hard copies...

Of course, I 'confessed' to being no such thing and told him he had to replace the dungeons with tunnels and the dragons with trolls. He still wanted to buy!

Anyhow, I bit of PayPal cash came my way so I used it to back Darcy Perry's Kickstarter Miniatures campaign that I mentioned here a few days ago (you can Google it easily so I won't look up the address now).

I got a very warm message back from Darcy straightaway and I think the world went round a little better for all that.

I've been listening to a Kickstarter this week.

After plunging headfirst into The Jam I then swum a few lengths with The Clash.

My take at 55 on why those bands resonated so much with the 18 year old me is that when I wanted to hear myself better articulated I listened to Brother Paul and when I wanted to know the world as it 'really' was I turned to Uncle Joe.

Joe Strummer died at 51 in 2002. The documentary I watched suggests he was very happy at the end of his life and I'm glad about that. Mick Jones (despite being sacked from The Clash by Joe) was so genuinely fond in all he said that, just like Joe said back in 1977, he's my guitar hero). The icing on their cake was that Mick got up from the crowd and played with Joe's band for the first time in long years just a couple of months before Joe died.

Anyway. I like this wall:

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