Saturday, August 6, 2016

Rose of Stormguard

We have been playing a game involving a transplanted Goa'uld character who hooks up with Rose in the larcenous city of Caerthaeph't (see 'Joyride' and 'Control Freak').

Rose features in Ken St Andre's novel - which I want to recommend. It's a great picture of a dungeon delve and cracks along at a thunderous pace.

Rise is still alive and making her way to the Ogre Peninsula on Khaghtch'an, the Kraken continent. She has had a little trouble with the befuddled Wizard-God Khaghbboommm but has been put on the right track again by the Witch-Goddesses Octopussy and Lois at Lake Calamare.

Here's the back of the novel:

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