Monday, September 26, 2016

Bean Stalk - Final Play Test

OK, nearly time to let go. I did the proofreading with a trial copy of Ginger so now let's have Ardenstone create me some dungeon fodder!

#1 - Slitzvar, human warrior - takes nasty fall straightaway, CON down to 1, retires from the field.

#2 - Fulcrum, dwarf warrior - with massive STR of 34 he shoots up to the half way point and... gets to the top where he has to fight a lima bean... which confounds him and he takes 6 hits... then repeats the pain with a further loss of 9 CON,,, but then he pulls himslef together and fights back, pulping it with disdain (CON now 11) - he is on a cloud that he can stand on and finds a smoking glass bowl with a ring inside... he tries for the ring with his dagger but fails to get it so he moves on to another cloud... where he has to face another lima bean - he resists its weird confusion attack and hammers it to mush... he sees another smoking bowl with a ring inside and this time does manage to retrieve it... and gains a magic item that will enable him to open locks...

OK, enough! Don't want to spoil it. This solo starts with a 14 page, 5200 word story about the remote village of Mucklepuddle Marsh so there is quite a backdrop to the 100 paragraphs of action.

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