Monday, September 26, 2016

D&D 5th Edition Live in Florence

Charlie has been keen to explore alignments and likes rules much better than me so I have had to invest in a few d20s!

My take on the 5th edition is that it has rocketed over on the direction of T&T! I'll expand on that later.

As we are in Italy, we are playing a game in which the PCs have been transported to Roma by Pan - who requires them to disgrace the mainstream Roman pantheon. So far Neptune and Mercury have fallen - aediles have announced their falseness to the plebs.

The three characters are:

  • An orc vigile named Vaticanus who gets frightfully upset when he breaks a law
  • An orc bailiff named Tusca Knee who is frightfully dim with sudden outbreaks of inspiration
  • A harpy improbably named Popeonarope who is claiming to be a unicorn in human form named Tent
Here is a picture from a wall in Florence which appears to show Vaticanus chasing a thief, unaware that Popeonarope (in duck form) is chasing him:

And here is a picture of Tusca (outside the Uffizi Gallery) having the life choked out of him by a door guard (custodis ianuae):

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