Saturday, February 11, 2017

Monsters at the palace in Bangkok

This guy and his mate prompted an in-depth conversation spun out of a Trollbridge debate on whether a warriors' bonus is excessive at 1d6 per level as against +2 per level. The contention was that at L15 it would be. We saw this guardian with MR200. The L15 warrior we imagined was pitted against two of them. They would have been the victors with the +2 bonus because of spite while on the extra dice basis things were evenly matched. Conclusion: the extra dice per level shouldn't ruin your game at that high level.

We agreed that we had not had any significant palace game as castles had dominated. Then again, I've never seen a palace like this one anywhere else.

This monster seemed pretty quirky but not one to underestimate.

We suspected this guy was wielding a Thai knobwhacker.

Now she seemed ready to charm delvers into a false sense of security.

I didn't know they had leprechauns in Thailand...

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