Thursday, August 16, 2012

Magic Moments Some Current House Rules

1                 Teacher Spell
(  a)    L1 – Teacher’s Pet – cost = WIZ cost of spell being taught – teaches spell to either rogue or wizard with INT+DEX required for spell but spell is forgotten once cast
(  b)    L5 – Master Class – cost as above x2 – teaches spell permanently
2                 For teacher spells to work both teacher and pupil must make INT SR at level of spell – if either fails, that teacher cannot teach that spell to that pupil
3                 Making up new spell – the wizard needs to be at least double the level of the spell being invented e.g. a L2 wizard can make up a L1 spell (GM to adjudicate on level of new spells and WIZ cost)
4                 Modifying spells – the wizard needs to be one level higher than the spell he wishes to modify e.g. a L2 wizard could modify TTYF to split it in two and hit two targets with ½ INT rating each (GM to adjudicate effect)

1 comment:

  1. I really like your modified Teacher spells Mark, it makes for a good balance. You are right that Teacher as written is rather powerful for a lowly 1st level Wizard especially considering the prices the Guild wants to charge for the pleasure of learning new spells. Of course, my current 1st level Rogue has been asking around and cannot get any of the party's Wizards to teach him a single spell.