Thursday, August 23, 2012

Recent GM adventures in this Trollworld Downunder

·        The Ashgoleth Adventure – 16 characters attempt to stop a major league demon lord from waking up the ‘attribute children’ – ongoing with all 6 demon sub-lords thwarted thus far – 2 to go, fingers crossed
·        Rogues in the House and Khosht Jailbreak Attempts #1 and #2 – development of Andrew Greene’s solo Escape from Khosht in which the incredibly unpleasant Riccardio loses his bow hand…
·        Five Card Frank and the Fairy (ongoing – two merchants refuse to take on new work and pay a big price) – they haven’t got over the garden wall yet but the blood is flowing
·        Ghoulstone Caverns – re-write of an old David Tibor adventure, the centaur and the dwarf hired by the Earl get bought off by the bad guy after taking major punishment
·        The Midnight Caravan – set beneath Khosht in the sewers, the characters bitten by were-rats fail to hijack the Khaboom-Khosht midnight caravan
·        The Silence – aliens draining khremm from wizards to take control of dragons…a minotaur and dwarf step up to the plate but the minotaur should have stayed in bed…
·        Dungeon of the Horned Toad – re-working of Trollstonne Caverns for new players who manage to fall out pretty quickly
·        The Dragon-Priest’s Apprentice – blended into the end of The Silence (see above), three characters ride dragons to the rescue and one gets a job for life
·        Ice Exile (Fire Giant scenario played with Ken and written up for Trollzine #6)
·        Obscured By Clouds (email game ongoing starring Mad Roy Cram’s super creations and the mysterious Feigh folk…and more giants)
·        Khazan Campaign – Ken’s utterly fantastic ongoing online adventure – my character: Perry Stroika, half-elf specialist conjuror – can’t undertand why the folk in these parts don’t like elves
·        Ogre Quarry – a group of centaurs decide to take over a quarry run for big profits by a group of ogres with a little help from the super-bad/mad/sad hobbit, Gibby. Ghosts gum up the works as the quarry is haunted…
·        Davor Pisk’s Djinn – a trek through the mountains goes pear-shaped when harpies attack and the players have to enter the old mines now used as a prison to dump baaddd citizens into…
·        Vampire Castle Destruction – the bad guys go too far and a small army is assembled to take the place apart
·        Game run by the Trollgod – Master Po’s Caravan Adventure – introduced new players to T&T and some amazing characters were improvised by Khenn

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