Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Joy Ride - Let's All Play

I think this is worth adding here:-

Greetings, Great Ones!

And a happy shortest day to you all!

I'm bored. Not getting enough email to keep me entertained. So let's start another game on Trollhalla. :)

I recently received Khaghbbooomm's mega-solo adventure: JOY RIDE. It's a hoot, and very funny. IMHO, Khagh has done a better job on this adventure than he did with A WIZARD WENT A WOONG, and that is quite a feat.

So, let's play through it together. Here's how it's going to work. Our hero is going to make all the saving rolls and win all the fights, and you players are going to make all the choices by plurality vote. And we're gonna play as quickly as I can manage to write up each segment and send it out. I check my email frequently. If I have more than 7 votes received when I check it, I will tally the result, write up the next segment, and post it for the next vote. If your vote doesn't arrive in time to be counted, then it doesn't count, and you get no tvp--you missed the boat. The amount of tvp awarded each time will depend on the number of votes received. For example: if I get 9 votes on the first segment, then the first vote will be worth 9000 tvp and the last will be worth 1000 tvp. In addition, each player who votes with the winning section will get 1 Correctness Point, and the player who gets the most Correctness points for the whole game will be declared the actual winner, and may get a special prize from me when it's over.

I'll also write up the whole thing and post it in a blog for the world to marvel at when we're done.

In case of ties, I will vote to break the tie. Otherwise I will not vote, thus, I will get a Correctness point each time I vote. Another challenge to you will be to get more correctness points than the Trollgod.

For your vote to count, you must, Must, MUST sign your trollish name in the letter. If Mark Thornton votes, and signs as Mark, I will ignore it. I won't even remind him. I'll just ignore that vote.

So, this is as easy a way to get tvp as there is. Simply answer these letters when you get them and choose one of the alternatives offered. As a cooperative game, the more people who participate, the better everyone will do.

Got it? Good!
I'm eager to get started, so here we go:

Chapter One: A Night in the Town

Our hero (name yet to be determined) has entered Caerthaeph't, a city of cruel watchmen, cutthroats, and small-minded bullies. There are some good folk there but they tend to keep to themselves and stay behind locked doors, certainly after dark. (Let us consider our hero's mode of transport. (1) Did he/she arrive in a flash carriage pulled by a team of white purebred stallions, driven by a stylishly tailored coachman? or (2) did he/she plod along on a sledge on runners pulled by a faithful old donkey? or (3) did he/she come through the city gates carried piggyback by a Spirit-Mastered peasant, wheezing along on crutches, and close to cardiac arrest under the weight?

(Please choose option 1, 2, or 3. Remember speed counts. For extra credit: I'm inclined to let one of the first responders in this game be the titular character, so for even more extra credit, pick a number between 1 and 10, the number that gets the most votes will determine which of you gets to be the title character. If you think that's a bad idea, say so. If you don't want to be the title character, also say so.

Okay, get those votes in. I'll be checking my email again in a couple of hours.) My guess is we can do 3 or 4 turns per day this way, and keep the narrative moving right along.

Khenn Arrth


  1. on christmas i feel a little naughty....3 is my vote

  2. Not getting enough email means you're not wearing enough hats. That is, you've limited the number of roles you play in this LARP called Mortal Life.

    Take me, for example, because everyone else is asleep. Hobbies (which doesn't mean I haven't done paid work in these fields, to help pay for said hobbies) include RPG and every subcategory; history, especially family history and church history; comics (and every etc); magic; mentalism; sf; detective fiction; scary fiction; yoyology; and studying diabetes & neurological/vestibular disorder.

    Vocations have included assistant mechanic, tutor, soldier, Human resource manager (as opposed to the Inhuman managers), telecommunications analyst, computer tech (way back in 1980s, so my knowledge & skills are far outdated), division manager, editor, priesthood leader (leader=get out of the way), real estate sales... This is not boasting, by the way. It's confessing that I've lived too long and that I can't hold a job.

    And to explain why I get far too much email, so that anyone who wants more, can know how to be placed on every danged list and catalog there is.