Thursday, December 5, 2013

The End Of Noah

Noah wasn't very interested in his sons but he did offer them a place on his ark if they helped out. As the great ship grew near to readiness, he had the boys either help him with the last few refinements to the ark of to look after the cooking and the animals on the farm. Shem and Jaepeth preferred house and farm work but Ham wanted to try his hand helping out his irrascible old dad.

Trouble was, he was such a clutz... Noah got pretty riled by the things Ham broke and cursed and cuffed him. The climax came that night at supper when Ham dropped a bowl of hot broth in Noah's lap. The old man was tired after a day's hammering and screwing and he leaped upon Ham.

Ham fought back and in the stress of the battle, he went 'were'. So did his brothers. Suddenly a were-pig, a were-wolf and a were-lion were laying into the boat builder and patricide descended into were-cannibalism as the brothers gave way to rage, hunger and cleared away the evidence.

They were nearly finished when there was  a knock at the door...

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