Friday, January 17, 2014

Dungeon Answer - What They Did

The human conjuror started with the Haute Couture codex spell which made dressed as the goblins dressed. Then she loosely bound the centaur and came into view of the goblins, yelling out that she had captured an intruder and needed help subduing it for her Spirit Mastery spell. The goblin leader had an INT of 6 (rolled up on 3d6 in the moment) and fell for it hook, line and sinker. There were 29 goblins on the bridge in total and he sent 9 down the ladder.

The human then cast a Firestorm of Protest spell on the goblins as soon as they were in range. It turned out that two of the nine threw TARO for WIZ and nearly resisted the spell (I therefore decided these goblins were all recruited for their unusually high khremm resistance and decided to give them 4d6 with the numbers the same counting as TARO from then onwards). When the goblins started arguing about not wanting to go first, etc, the human protested and the leader sent 9 more down.

The human conjuror waited and cast Befuddle of the last one coming down when in range. This one hacked at those below and some fell into the magma. The goblin leader was enraged and came down himself with the other 10. He got Befuddled too and before long it was just him and the other Befuddled goblin left to fight it out. The leader was higher up and much stronger (he was chosen to be leader for brawn not brain) and when he vanquished the other, the centuar shot him with her small bow ( I had allowed a centaur conjuror a 2d6 bow).

Although the arrow stuck in his head, his CON was still just positive at 2 so he was being Spirit Mastered at the point we left the game (we resume via Skype at 5pm West Coast time on Sunday - that's 2pm Monday for me in Aotearoa NZ - have to be careful with time calculations).

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