Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dungeon Problem - What Should They Do?

Here is the situation:

Two conjurors, one a human the other a centaur, have just opened a door in a dungeon controlled by a mad and powerful goblin wizard. They look out on a cavern - 50 metres to both right and left, 150 metres across to another door, the 'floor' a lake of lava. High above (100 metres) is a rope bridge upon which are some 30 goblins. There is a ladder to their left that goes up to the bridge, across the cavern is another ladder going from the door to the bridge.

The human can do all conjuring spells from L1 to L4; she speaks Goblin. The centuar can onlyu cast L1 and 2 conjuring spells; she has a 2d6 bow.

The pair need to go on - there is no way back now. What could they do to get across and pass through the door on the other side?


  1. The human points to the centaur and shouts to the goblins "HEY, WHO WANTS A FREE PONY RIDE?!" While the childlike gobbles rush across the rope bridge, AxeL (AxeL Lynch by name, famous human conjuroror with the ADD Talent.) conjures up a BLACK RAIN for ONE turn, thus avoiding screwing up the rope bridge.

    The poor little gobbles (and its their birthday!) either run to the other side or scramble the way they were going - towards the party. Those who don't get pushed off by their brothers are still stinging from the rain. They are easy pickings for various spells (BOOT TO THE HEAD) and the Talent of Centaur Stomp.

  2. After destroying gobbles (always fun) the duo washes the gore offa themselves with the Lava (the soap of choice for mechanics) (TM WD-40) and proceed to the next door.