Thursday, January 9, 2014


I can see that a pdf for $10 on DriveThru is too expensive to sell even when it is such a large work and has been promoted by the Trollgod himself... oh well, live and learn. I need to do an amendment to Joy Ride and load and updated file onto Lulu but first I need to finish the 550 paragraph 'Cherry Tree' solo (about ten paragraphs to go). Then a revision to 'The Poisoned Chalice' which I finished more than a year ago but never released (Stan is adding art as I write).

GMing-wise, I have a game in which two specialist conjurors, one a centaur, are trapped in a cave with no apparent way out - a mocking goblin disembodied voice ridicules their efforts from time to time. They had friends outside but the human used Dem Bones to conjure a killer rabbit skeleton when she saw their group in a battle with a large group of goblins in a narrow defile. Given the command to attack the goblins, the skeleton took the direct route, smashing into the men behind the ones involved in the fight. The ensuing injuries didn't make for continuing good relationships and the leader, Marlowe, yelled through a crack in the cave-in that the conjurors could starve for all they cared... You have to be careful with magic!

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  1. Perhaps everyone is suffering the same Empty Pocket Syndrome and/or Lack o' Time Disease that I yam, or it could be that everyone in the world bought that $10 PDF when it was a multimillion dollar LooLoo softbounder book. (Though I do not remember the price, the charge was a dollar a page, and since there were millions of pages....) Ironically enough, while it was Christmas, birthdays, and anniversary that caused the EPS, it was Woo-Woo the Womantic Wizard that caused the LoTD, as I foolishly played it twice. Took several weeks with no naps.