Friday, February 7, 2014

Football News

This from our correspondent Yorrdamma Vrash:

Here are the stats on the recent Troll-Ogre football contest.
Ogres: Rushing: 44 runs for 138 yards 3.1 yards per carry
Pass: 17/28 for 208 yards 61% 12.2 yards per completion
Total Offense: 346 yards
two interceptions
Trolls: Rushing: 35 runs for 90 yards 2.6 yards per carry 1 fumble
Pass: 19/34 for 217 yards- 56% 11.4 yards per completion
Total offense 291 yards
4 interceptions

And for other parts of Trollhala, Khaghbboommm reports:

 Here are the stats on the recent Fairies v Pixies football contest.
Fairies: Rushing: 0 runs for 0 yards 0 yards per carry
Pass: 0/1 for 0 yards 61% 0 yards per completion
Total Offense: 0 yards
no interceptions
Pixies: Rushing: 155 runs for 155 yards 1 yard per carry 31 fumbles, all recovered
Pass: 0/1 for 0 yards- 0% 0 yards per completion
Total offense 155 yards
0 interceptions

The pixies attempted a pass only once but abandoned that strategy for their rushing game once they realised that they couldn't pick the ball up. They tired quickly and settled for short bursts of one yard power rushes but never made first down.
The fairies came with a 100% defensive game plan. It was not put to the test. They recorded the shortest kick off and punts in TFL history.
The TFL is considered allowing smaller kindreds to elect not to play with the standard troll football. Watch this space...

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