Friday, October 24, 2014

More Three Dice Games

Last week while we were out in the car, Charlie, Kamea and I played a game that was very popular in which we rolled up characters with just three attributes: unicycling, jousting and reccovering balance. The idea was to unicycle along a beam over a pool of alligators to meet your opponent in a joust; if the hits were equal, both had to recover balance. If you won three contests, you got to put an attribute up by one point. Critical fumbles were... well, critical.

Today, at the seaside pub with a beer and fish and chips, we played a three dice game in which fairies had to make children believe in them, teach them to fly and then create a good enough 'Mirage' that the pirates could not stop them joining Peter Pan's Lost Boys (and Girls)... It was so popular, I have to participate in Round Two now so that's it for now but I think this could be worth writing up as a free DriveThru pdf :)

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