Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Streets of Your Town (An A-Z of Khaboom)

I am approaching the 2000 paragraph mark in 'Missing in Action' now - over 180,000 words.

I have the street location after the number for every paragraph. Here is the A-Z:

Ackland Street
Acorn Lane
Alimentary Canal Street
Alrond Rise
Amnesia Street
Arbuckle Hill
Armitage Shanks Lane
Back Passage
Bitterstew Lane
Blacksoot Place
Brimstone Pits
Carbunkle Lane
Cauliflower Row
Chaffing Way
Champs Elysee
Curse Street
Dead Man's Cove
Desolation Row
Donkey Pits
Dungbeetle Scrubs
Dunleavin Street
Ebony Square
Elsie Avenue
Epicurean Avenue
Execrable Alley
Faraway Close
Five Card Frank's-Razorwit Rd
Flaggon Fields
Fool’s Hill
Foulsore End
Friday Woods
Gate of Glory
Ghoulish Gardens
Gordon Hill
Greaspaint Boulevard
Greenfingers Market
Grimtooth’s Gaming Gauntlet
Grizzly Lane
Gutsplatter Hill
Heights of Decadence
Hemlock Hill
Hemnin Forest
Hickory Docks
Higginbottom Gardens
Insalubrious Heights
Jack and Jill’s Hill
Jasmine Dragon Tea Rooms, Tyree
Jherri Quarry
Junket Street
Lardass Street
Life's End
Liliyliver Lane
Lizardlick Road
Longsorrow Street
Mean Street
Menagerie Street
Moneybags Place
Moonshine Parade
Mortuary Lane
Netherwallop Road
Nosebleed Lane
O’Vather Hill
Paladian Plaza
Patagonia Road
Peaswasse Street
Pentagram Square
Pestilence Park
Piccadilly Circuit
Pigwhistle Parade
Pilgrim Street
Piranha Alley
Punchdrunk Arcade
Prettyplease Pass
Quill Court
Ratfricassee Road
Razorwit Road
Resurrection Road
Robert Johnson’s Crossroads
Root Canal
Sandune Street
Savage Street
Scabbyrag Alley
Sickle Street
Silver Springs
Skullduggery Street
Slugfest Street
Solitude Street
Sourgum Street
Stealth Street
Stilton Street
Sullied Trouser Inn- Dunleavin  St
Swattage Hill
Temple Mount
The High Mackerel Ranch
Throgludite Crescent
Toe Rag Square
Trollcough Street
Trollhalla Row
Turncoat Lane
Tythe Hole
Viletooth Crag
Wildebeast Plains

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  1. Damn Mark...I have a hard enough time keeping less than 200 paragraphs straight...amazing!