Sunday, September 7, 2014

Monday Message

GM'd my first ever 'T&T in Space' game yesterday. 7 players, 2 of them adult, 1 of them via skype. I didn't kill anyone but the annoying PC (the skype player) got bagged up and left in an alient spaceship with a bunch of time-delay bombs inside... The players were D&D people but they soon got to grips with T&T-style saving rolls and appreciated that it was less random than with the d20. Everyone nominated a superpower, based on one attribute (we had Power Trip's PSI instead of WIZ) and the PC who could stretch like Reed Richards (a dwarf!) managed to parachute to safety after his escape pod got ruptured by the now-insane Mediborg (taken over by the skype player). The players got to the planet Persephone at the end of 4 hours, a good place to stop.

Saving rolls, magic and combat - that apart, whichever system you play doesn't make so much difference unless you use a rulebook :)

Just read the dT&T update: happy for a longer wait based on what Liz says she's done with magic.

Had a good pyramid-raider game in the week on the Eagle continent and ended up with a new Wizard-God, Kafacaca - hence the thoughts on the last post as to why W-Gs go to sleep and stop dominating the world - i.e. WIZ takes longer and longer to come back the more of it you have and use - a W-G like Andy Holme's Liche-Lord might have WIZ of 980 but spend 900 and you are vulnerable for centuries waiting to get back up to W-G levels (one W-G never can be quite sure what the other is currently packing). Our friend, Kafacaca, conjured a great wall of fire to drive back the king's army: he'd maxed up by sleeping late but blew his wad in a way he hadn't planned so it looks like he's hitting the hay again soon.

Hey ho...

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